13 Jahre BMW Car Clubs Indonesia Bandung Chapter.

BMW Car Clubs Indonesia (BMWCCI) Bandung Chapter Bimmerday 2017 (4th) in celebration of the 13th anniversary Bandung Chapter, Lapangan Brigif 15 Cimahi, Bandung – Indonesia. Saturday 21 January 2017.

Bimmerday 2017. In open with a dance performed Rampak Kendang, “Rampak” is derived from the Sundanese language means simultaneously or jointly, so Rampak drum could be interpreted as a demonstration of the drums played together.

Continue speach by the chairman of the committee BImmerday 2017 Mr. Maulana Elgi and the Chairman of BMWCCI Bandung Chapter Mr. Benny S. Lubis.
Mr. Mauala Elgi said Bimmerday 2017 becomes the greatest event from previous Bimmerday with 2000 visitors and 1,200 cars.

Bimmerday 2017 attended from BMWCCI Banda Aceh Chapter, Medan Chapter, Lampung Chapter, Banten Chapter, Cirebon Chapter, Bogor Chapter, Jakarta Chapter, E30 Register, Purwokerto Chapter, Semarang Chapter, Solo Chapter, Yogyakarta Chapter, Surabaya Chapter, Sidoarjo Chapter, Malang Chapter, Bali Chapter, Palangkaraya Chapter, Makassar Chapter, dan Lombok Chapter.
IDCC, E46Bimmers, E36ers Indonesia, E36 Indonesia, E36ers Owners Community, E46 Indonesia, BBC, DVC, CBC, MBC, Bucks and BMW Enthusiasts.

And Bimmer-Benz which is a cross-community of BMW and Mercedes Benz are conducting a joint adventure touring on January 19 until January 21 route from Anyer – Puncak until the end of Cimahi, as a tangible manifestation of friendship Bimmer-Benz as well as appreciation for the implementation of the Bimmerday2017

Vice chairman of the committee Adhi Nugroho expressed Bimmerday 2017 This time our theme is Die Legende von Bimmerday (germany) The Legend of Bimmer Day (English) which means that the Bandung chapter is a mother of a chapter of the BMW Car Clubs Indonesia, as a chapter of the oldest and legendary for chapters and registers.
The real evidence of the presence of the chairman of the beginning of the period of Bandung Chapter until today.

The Great Leader of BMWCCI Bandung Chapter : Eko Haryanto period 2004-2006, Yusuf Yuyus period 2006-2008, Sigit Prasetyo period 2008-2010, Yefrizal Yasril period 2010-2011, Dony Indrajaya period 2011-2014, Dadan Drajat M Period 2014-2016, and Benny S. Lubis period 2016 -2018.

The main event Bimmerday 2017 is Drag race, where the purpose is to facilitate the members and other communities who want hobby drag race. In order not to do racing on the highway, said Sigit Prasetyo, Vice President BMWCCI.

Drag Race followed 227 Dragster, BMWCCI Semarang Chapter as a champion of “The Fastest of BMWCCI” and bring home the Cup that will be in the fighting back in next two years.

Other Event are Car contest, Bursa used cars, Bazaar, Merchandise, Lady car wash. Guests are served Sundanese cuisine that has been provided by the committee in the stands while watching Drag race progresses. Fun mini drag Pedicab created laughter and familiar atmosphere of a fellow member and BMW Enthusiast. Perform by Singer Ebith Beat A. enliven the stage and entertain the visitors Bimmerday 2017

BMWCCI Bandung Chapter, hope next bimmerday much better, and become a gathering place chapter, registers, and community bmw Indonesia.

BMWCCI Bandung Chapter
Thanks to All Chapter and Register, BMW Community Indonesia, BMW Enthusiast, dan Dragsters.

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BMW Forever,
Forever BMWCCI.


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