Sunday, December 9th, 2017, BMW Car Clubs Indonesia (BMWCCI) officially declared One Make Race club event, held at Astra BMW BSD, Serpong.BMWCCI as the only official BMW Car Clubs in Indonesia has spawned national drivers racer, one of them Gerry Nasution and Renaldy Hutasoit are experienced in the world of racing.

Departing from the love of BMWCCI members to test their guts on the track, BMWCCI created a forum to educate, facilitate and create new drivers who are hungry for achievement. Proof of this achievement can be seen from the event ISSOM (International Sentul Series of Motorsport) which has given to young national champions from BMWCCI such as Bonifatius Shindu H (Jakarta Chapter), Posma Panggabean (E30 Register) and other drivers.

“BMWCCI OMR is as a platform for BMWCCI members who have a hobby and passion in the world of racing. We want to make BMWCCI scored young riders and can compete in other racing events that are often held in Sentul International Circuit or even in the international world”. Said Chief Executive OMR, Deffi Viergino during a question and answer session with participants and Medias.

According to Deffi, the requirement to appear in OMR BMW is registered as a member of BMWCCI. Riding a BMW rear-wheel drive (RWD) with BMW E36, 318i, M40 and M43 cars produced between 1991 – 1999.

In the BMWCCI OMR 2018, the Official Committee (OC) is implementing a 6 (six) series of regulations within 1 (one) year in addition to International and professional standards but is affordable in terms of cost by prospective drivers. From the rules of use of the engine, suspension, interior, exterior and livery are in use must be standard. Inside the OC itself there are the senior drivers and also the young drivers who are members of BMWCCI.

The goal of this OMR rule is to maintain that this competition is an event that must have the value and authority that carries professionalism in a race in the race track. The target audience from this OMR is 30 participants by inviting all BMWCCI Chapter and Register which currently number 27 Clubs spread over Indonesia and is the most BMW Clubs in the world, and OMR is expected to become one of Clubs activities in all Chapter and Register. As stated by the President of BMWCCI, Asido Regazzoni S. in his speech.

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